Preliminary Matters

For the purposes of the articles on this site I need to clarify a few points. My journey has brought me to a realisation that there is no good reason to believe in the existence of any kind of God. Furthermore, there is strong evidence to declare that the Bible is not inerrant or divinely inspired and that the God of the Bible must necessarily be evil if he were to exist at all. A significant part of the purpose of the articles on this site is to help others to understand how I have come to an understanding of these things. A large proportion of the people that these articles are aimed at are religious and in order to better relate to them there are certain premises that I will use in my writing that may appear strange to some people. Because a number of religious arguments are secondary concepts based upon the core preconceptions of the belief system I will frequently argue from the position that God exists. This is purely in order to save time and keep the arguments focused on the topic at hand. This is also designed to help the religious person better understand the argument from their own position. Rather than constantly having to say that I don’t believe God exists, in order to argue certain positions I will simply presume the existence of a God in order to demonstrate that the subsequent proposition posed by the theology, doctrine or belief is flawed in some way.